Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Survivor: South Pacific Premiere TONIGHT

Survivor Fans Get Ready! Our show is back tonight for its 23rd season.

Returning Survivors are...drum roll please...Coach "Dragon Slayer" Wade and Ozzy Lusth.

Ozzy and Coach

Ozzy looks dopey in the above pic...but he's kind of a mellow guy anyway. Look for Coach to dole out some Zen and get the kids doing yoga on the beach again. Also look for him to be kind of crazy as always. Just not last season Phillip crazy.

Coach has been on twice now. Originally in the Tocantins and then Heroes vs Villains. He says "Coach 3.0 is going to different than anytime you've seen him."

Ahh. Sure, Coach. Whatever you say!

This marks Ozzy's third appearance as well. He started out on Cook Islands and then came back for Micronesia. We remember Ozzy as being very self sufficient. He can do all the physical stuff very easily - swim, climb etc.. - and he cooks and makes fire. He's a great Survivor contestant. We'd still vote for Coach either way. Sorry, Ozzy.

Also returning is Redemption Island, a feature we actually liked last season.

New player, Brandon Hantz, is the nephew of THAT Hantz. Yes, Russell. Does Evil and Villainy run in the family? We shall see.

Jeff Probst will be our host once again. It's his show now after all. Not many people who start out as show hosts become Executive Producers and 'ole Marky Burnett loves him some Probst. As do the rest of us!

Jeff Probst somewhere in the South Pacific

We just can't wait! 23 seasons and IT JUST NEVER GETS OLD. Bring on Survivor - we're ready!

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