Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Price is ALWAYS Right

This Price will NEVER be wrong

Ummm...this one too!

We've been a fan of The Price is Right since we were kids pretending to be sick to play hookey for a day. The show is as popular as ever and is celebrating 40 years on the air.

40 years. That's right. The shows newest season started yesterday 9/19/11 and is a year long celebration of it's 40th year.

And the best news...? There's going to be a Celebrity Week in January featuring, among others to be announced, Snoop Dogg, Jenny McCarthy and Neil Patrick Harris.

Wednesday, September 28 is a MAJOR LANDMARK. The shows 7500th episode will air including a presentation of all the most hilarious memories from the last 40. And we're sure the clip will air where the woman's tube top falls down, she doesn't know and tries to bid to Bob Barker with her boobies hanging out. The original wardrobe clothing malfunction!

If we could do only one thing, just one thing...it would be to spin the Price is Right Wheel. We are dying to do that.

Drew Carey is a GREAT host. Sure, Bob Barker is a legend, but when you watch Drew you can understand how old and frail Bob was toward the end. Drew lets the contestants manhandle him when they run up on stage and hug him. It's great. We think he's an awesome host.

Everyone loves Plinko and so do we, but we have a love for the Cliffhanger too!

Oh and did we mention the models? They're worth watching too!

Congrats to everyones favorite pricing game.

To another 40!

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