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Part 1 - The Great Pyramid Controversy: History of The Great Pyramid

The Omni Report presents our 3-part series on:

The Controversy and Mystery of the Great Pyramid of the Giza Plateau, Cairo, Egypt; Specifically Why Dr. Zahi Hawass Sucks and How Rudolph Gatenbrink Got Shafted.

The Great Pyramid Controversy
Part 1: A History Lesson

“Man Fears Time, Time Fears Only The Pyramids”

The Great Pyramid of Giza was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979. It is the only remaining monument of the classical 7 Wonders of the Ancient World and it is pure awesome.

The only problem with the history of the Great Pyramid is the fact that we don’t know the history of the Great Pyramid! The only hieroglyphs associated with The Great Pyramid have been proven forgeries. The only other – the only other! – “evidence” is a stone carving with Khufu’s cartouche in front of the Sphinx. This cartouche is still unclear however. We do not know if it means that Khufu built or rebuilt either the Sphinx or Great Pyramid.

We’ll try to start at the beginning.

Contemporary Egyptologists including, and especially the fervent, Supreme High Commander and Pharaoh, The Big Z – Dr. Zahi Hawass, believe the Great Pyramid was constructed within a 20-year period with slave labor for a Pharaoh to be entombed in. Basically, a Pharaoh vanity project – and simply understated construction technique. 20 years of slave labor forces with Stone Age tools and no wheel. That is all.

The modern discovery of the Pyramids, as far as when it was first written about in history books, begins with Herodotus, The Great Father of History and one of the most famous of ancient Greeks. He wrote about the Great Pyramid in 440 B.C. and reported how ancient it was even in his own time!

Today we call this monument of the desert a pyramid, Greek for pyramis/pyramidos “Fire in the middle”. This is the first most overlooked, most underrated clue as to what The Great Pyramid really was.

A geographer in 24BC reported a hinged moveable door that could be raised up as an entrance on the north side. This location was lost in the first century AD and no door of this type has yet to be reported by The Big Z and his thugs.

Arabian adventurer Abdullah Al Mamun blew a hole in the Great Pyramid in 813 AD and gained the first modern entrance into the Great Pyramid in untold thousands of years. He used dynamite because he was pretty ignorant. This entrance is now called “The Robbers Tunnel” and it is the primary entrance used for tourists to this day.

The Robbers Tunnel/Main Entrance today

It was in the 14th century that Arabs stripped the casing stones off the pyramid and used them to rebuild earthquake stricken Cairo. These casing stones were pure limestone and gleamed so brightly even at night that The Great Pyramid, for thousands of years, glowed throughout the darkest of desert nights and lit up the day like the Las Vegas strip.

Rendering of The Great Pyramid in its full glory

In 1637 British citizen and Oxford University Astronomer, John Greaves, visited and began documentation of The Great Pyramid. He was followed by Nathaniel Davidson in 1763. Davidson has a chamber named after him and is also credited with the “Cardinal Point” compass discovery. More on this in Part 2 of this series.

Then came Napoleon. And what he discovered changed the world forever.

Napoleon conquered Egypt with 35,000 men in over 300 ships in 1799. Hardly anyone knows or even cares what they did except for one thing, the day one of the 175 archeologists, scientists and geologists that Napoleon brought with him, discovered the most interesting, awesome and useful artifact ever – The Rosetta Stone.

This rock engraving contained the same text in three languages: Greek, Egyptian and Hieroglyphic. It opened the door and unleashed the whole of the Ancient Egyptian Empire whose undeciphered works had lain silent for millennia. Suddenly (actually after laborious decipherment) the grandeur and epic culture of Egypt was alive. Here, now, you could go from monument to monument and read and understand the stories!

The Rosetta Stone

No longer had The Roman or Greek civilizations been the first and second great waves of humanity. Unlocking the hieroglyphs changed our concept of history (and now, we know of Sumer as the actual cradle of civilization). The Rosetta Stone cured our historical and cultural amnesia.

Colonel Howard Vyse came in 1837. Unsatisfied with his genuine archeological discoveries he went on to perpetrate one of the saddest, ridiculous and upsetting acts of vandalism ever committed anywhere…he defaced the inside of The Great Pyramid with Khufu's cartouche. He painted it in red paint - was caught "red handed" with the pots! He deliberatley painted the name of Khufu in the pyramid in a heiroglypic cartouche.

Unfortunately mainstream Egyptologists refuse to accept it was a forgery and hence we have The Great Pyramid aka The Tomb of the Pharaoh Khufu. Although no bodies were ever – ever- found in a pyramid in Egypt. There is only one worldwide exception - Lord Pacal’s tomb in Palenque. That's it. NO BODIES ARE EVER FOUND IN PYRAMIDS.

In the late 1800’s several astronomers came and wrote books about The Great Pyramid. The word “pyramidology” was coined in 1878.

It wasn’t until 1925 that the base of The Great Pyramid was cleared of all rubble, sand and debris. It was then that accurate measurements could be taken.

Books about the Great Pyramid have not stopped being written or printed. Easily over a dozen books a year are published regarding this greatest structure on Earth.

In the 20th century, Egypt itself began to take charge of it’s archeology creating several museums. The modern Egyptian tourist movement took off!

Today one man alone is in absolute total control of every single monument in Egypt including the most amazing archeological monolith on Earth and the most famous thing on the planet. This man is Zahi Hawass.

Saty tuned for Parts 2 and 3! Part 2 coming next Monday!


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I don't think Zahi is in control anymore is he?? I am looking forward to your next 2 parts!! Nice job!!

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Very nice work...This is groundbreaking news...

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Giza pyramid is not death star, it is visual science its original creation it was reflective thus Mirror of Heaven... Super volcanic looking reflectivity is ONLY ONE thing...The reflective vapor made in stratosphere by super volcanoes,,, reflects the sun back to heaven,,, cools earth....coincidentally it is also the ONLY thing that will stop 2012 solar flare! Not maybe death ray with no reason, to kill enemies long dead....Rather a message how to save a planet in the future from predicted the sphinx riddle...if we get the right answer we live!

burrodriver said...

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