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Part 2 - The Great Pyramid Controversy: The Big Deal

The Omni Report presents our 3-part series on:

The Controversy and Mystery of the Great Pyramid of the Giza Plateau, Cairo, Egypt; Specifically Why Dr. Zahi Hawass Sucks and How Rudolph Gatenbrink Got Shafted.

The Great Pyramid Controversy Part 2: The Big Deal

"The Machine" Even though the driver is no longer at the wheel, the Giza Necropolis is still a machine that was designed to provoke questions. 5,000 years and look at its power. It involves you whether you like it or not. It forces you in to a process of thinking…forces you to learn. The minute you ask a question about it, you’ve asked a question about engineering, a question about geometry, a question about astronomy. So it forces you to learn engineering, geometry and astronomy, and gradually you realize how sophisticated it is, how incredibly clever and skillful and knowledgeable its builders must have been, which forces you to ask questions about mankind, about human history eventually about yourself, too. They succeeded in creating a force that is functional in itself, provided you understand it, and that force is the questions it challenges you to ask. This is the power of the Giza Plateau. Built at least 10,450 B.C. A message for us, the future. *1

~Robert Bauval
Robert Bauval is the mastermind engineer behind the “Orion Correlation Theory” which states that the 3 Giza pyramids are a representation of the 3 stars comprising the belt of the constellation Orion.

The Great Pyramid at Giza. It’s just a pile of rocks. What’s the big deal? Okay, maybe you are willing to concede it’s A LOT of rocks - but still, so? What makes The Great Pyramid the greatest engineering marvel and virtual miracle on the planet? Let's consider both the The Outer Pyramid and The Inner Pyramid. Here are a few mind-boggling engineering specifications in the construction of the “outer” Pyramid:

  • It is the world’s largest pyramid with a 13-acre footprint

  • It weighs 6 million tons and is 480 feet tall

  • There are 202 steps to the summit

  • Each face (side) of the pyramid is 5 and a half acres

  • It contains over 2 and a half million granite and limestone blocks

  • Each weighs an average 2 tons

  • It is aligned perfectly to the cardinal directions

  • It incorporates the geometry of PI - specifically 2PI

  • It is a scale of an exact mathematical replica for the dimensions of the planet Earth

  • It’s polished out limestone casing was comprised of slabs 8-feet thick, covered 22 acres and their combined weight together was over 16 tons

  • These limestone slabs were fitted together so perfectly that not a razor blade could separate them and it was said they looked like a single slab

  • The three pyramids of Giza form a Pythagorean triangle with side propportions of 3:4:5

  • The Great Pyramid is located exactly in the center of Earth’s landmass. THE EXACT CENTER

Here are a few mind-boggling engineering specifications in the construction of the “inner” Pyramid:

  • It contains a complex system of inner passages, tunnels, galleries and chambers

  • The concrete cement that was used to bind the stones is technologically beyond what we use today and defies modern analysis

  • It is the only pyramid in Egypt with both descending and ascending passages

  • Each one of the 100 red granite blocks comprising The King’s Chamber weigh 70 tons. EACH. ONE. OF. THE. ONE. HUNDRED. RED. GRANITE. BLOCKS. WEIGH. SEVENTY. TONS. Think about it.

  • You can see the perfect red granite blocks here

  • There is clear evidence of machining *2

  • The joints between blocks are so tight you cannot insert a razor blade. We do not even attempt anything like this in construction today

  • The King’s Chamber incorporates the mathematical law The Golden Ratio (phi)

  • There is 8.5 million cubic square feet of space in the inner space of the pyramid. This is enough for over 3,000 rooms the size of the King’s Chamber or 30 full-size Empire State Buildings

  • The incorporation of the so-called “air-shafts” or "soul-shafts". There are 4 known shafts, 8x8 inches square that rise through the pyramid and through solid blocks that were carefully fit into place to align them. The King's Chamber shafts lead the constellations Orion and Sirius.

    • The Queen's Chamber shafts lead to the archaeological Roswell known as "The Gatenbrink Affair"

      The "air shafts" in The Great Pyramid. 2 emanate from The King's Chamber (above) and 2 from The Queen's Chamber.

      The above statistics are great, but what does it all mean?

      What is mind-blowing or special about using 70 ton (King's Chamber)or 200 ton (Pyramid "body") blocks?

      Well, today moving anything that weighs over 50 tons requires a specialized crane. Modern industrial "counter boom” cranes max out at 200 tons. Moving anything over 200 tons does not happen. Anything over 50 barely happens. And that is in today's modern society with all of our engineering "know how".

      How does The Great Pyramid incorporate the mathematical law of 2PI?

      The height of the pyramid bears the same relationship to it’s base perimeter as does the circumference of a circle to it’s radius.

      How is The Great Pyramid a scale model of the Earth?

      The scale of our planet is 1:43,200. If you take the height of the pyramid and multiply by 43,200 you get the polar radius measurement of Earth (+/- 11 miles). If you take the perimeter of the base and multiply by 43,200 you get the equatorial circumference of the Earth (+/- 170 miles).

      Why are the North-South-East-West cardinal alignments such a big deal?

      The exact precision of the cardinal points is as of “atomic clock” accuracy. This isn't achieved lightly or easily, nor is it anything we would even try to do today. In modern 2011 terms, to align something True North, you'd need "a laser theodolite, an ordinance survey map accurate to 10 meters, and a highly qualified team of professionals that includes a setting-out engineer, an astronomer, a surveyor, several master masons and a week or so to make sure the position you are aiming for has been achieved*"

      Indeed The Great Pyramid is accurate to within a little over 3 arc minutes to True North.

      It. Is. The. Most. Accurately. Aligned. Building. On. Earth.

      And this was achieved at a minimum of over 4,500 years ago, and probably more likely around 10,000 B.C. Modern engineers when describing The Great Pyramid reiterate that “…the sheer size and mass (of TGP) are not it’s most impressive characteristics. More astounding by far is the incredible hi-tech precision built into every aspect of it’s design." Yes, the Pyramid has hi-tech precision written all over it and into it. It oozes out of every stone block.

      Also, the base is a perfect square. The pyramid is “locked onto” the cardinal points and is located on top of a natural mound that is 2 stories high. It is this mound that lends to the Pyramid it's superior stability.

      The inner workings - the interior chambers and corridors - of The Great Pyramid are an engineering feat of unparalleled difficulty and are the height and epitome of architectural achievement.

      The stone cutting techniques used to create these galleries and rooms are unknown to us. They are constructed on a gargantuan scale and are much more advanced than anything we could construct today.

      The Grand Gallery is described as:
      "The most incredible construction achievement in human history.

      The Grand Gallery consists of polished limestone walls - monoliths of stone - that make up the lower portion of the wall that are made up of polished granite topped with granite beams with scarcely a joint to be seen. It's seamless construction. The Gallery ends in a tunnel that leads to The King's Chamber. The King's Chamber, so-called, because of the humongous black granite "sarcophagus" located there, is really too big to be called a chamber. It is made from polished smooth red granite hewn from quarries in far-away Aswan. The sarcopohagus is too big too have been hauled in. The room was clearly built around this granite monolith, that is not a sarcophagus and shows clearly that it had to have been machined. It's joints are a perfect 90 degree angle. The air shafts from the room reach outside and can provide minimal ventilation.

      The "relieving chambers" are a series of five slabs over top of The King's Chamber. Their combined weight is 400 tons and the top slab is has a bevelled pointed roof. They do not relive much weight in the pyramid, engineering wise, so their very name is a misnomer. What are they really for?

      The Queen's Chamber has a beveled wall that defies explanation. It is a beautiful niche. What was it used for? What was anything in this place used for? Not a tomb by any means!

      The Niche of the Queen's Chamber

      The Underground Chamber is a creepy cave that doesn't incorporate the polished limestone or granite walls that The Pyramid is made of. It's referred to by Egyptologists as an "unfinished burial vault". What they never mention is how fucking far underground this thing is. You have to take a descending passage far below The Pyramid to reach it.

      Look at this picture:

      You have to keep in mind that when we see the The Great Pyramid today, it is the same as looking at this rusted out car. We know what this car used to look like when it was shiny and new. Well, The Great Pyramid is weathered, dilapidated, stripped of all it’s glory and absolutely not the way it looked in antiquity. We have to imagine it shiny and new.

      The Great Pyramid is not just a pile of rocks. Far from it. It is an archaeological, architectural and engineering mystery of epic proportions.

      It cannot be overstated how advanced it is. It is a complicated structure of massive heavy granite and limestone made to stand for eternity. It has rooms and passages made from differing sizes rock that are engineeringly impossible to replicate today.

      *1 Robert Bauval, Keeper of Genesis
      *2 machining: to make, prepare, or finish with a machine or with machine tools
      *3 Erich Von Daniken; The Eyes of the Sphinx

      Stay tuned next Monday for Part 3!

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      Anonymous said...

      As Mr. Spock would say....Fascinating!!!!! Nice Job and really interesting information!!

      Anonymous said...

      Isn't there also a fact that there is no smoke marks for lighting as they worked inside the pyramid or does that apply at all on this un decorated pyramid?

      Anonymous said...

      I am going over some really interesting theories based in, well, everything. This thing looks like it sums up everything that has and will happen mathematically, and it is a timer that ends around the same time everything else ends... among other things... probably... Kinda speechless.

      Anonymous said...

      i think the pyramids are very interesting, I also enjoyed the documentary "the mystery of the pyramids". However I had a thought about the pyramid equaling +/- whatever to the earths radius and circumference. Isn't the theory that the earth is growing? it's quite obvious that the land masses were joined once upon a time. a view of the ocean floors from above looks like stretch marks to me. I'm no scientist but I think that idea deserves attention relative to the pyramids reflecting the earths size.

      Anonymous said...

      Yes - the Earth has grown, but not in the way many believe. There is a perfectly natural solution to how and why the Earth has grown, and this is explained in the Impact And Exit Event.
      Another fascinating hypothesis!

      Dave Mowers said...

      I am amazed at how no one ever questions the authenticity of stellas showing ancient Egyptians building a pyramid by asking if they were in fact copying the three existing pyramids built by an earlier, unknown culture. If in fact all the lesser examples of pyramids are attempts to learn and copy what was already there and that is why those pyramids are not the same.

      Manuel said...

      I've been looking for it but never found: nobody comments the west side of the bulk pyramid. Except for the west tip of he king's chamber, every passage, gallery or chamber is located inside the east part of the construction. Any theories (or facts) about hollow volumes in the west half-pyramid?