Thursday, March 10, 2011

Adopt a Native American Elder

Native American activist and actor Jay Tavare is on board to help aid the most neediest of all America's population, the Native America senior citizens of Arizona and Southern Utah.

The Adopt An Elder program supports over 500 traditional Elders on the reservations that have no heat in the winter, except for the wood they have to chop themselves. They really rely on our kindness to help.


These talented people weave authentic unique one-of-a-kind Navajo rugs and that is their only means of support. These spirit rugs are said to have a palpable energy.

"No two rugs are the same and each one is truly a piece of Sacred Art. The weavers are inspired by the spirit to weave the patterns that they see in their minds eye as they pray. Each rug carries positive vibrations and by taking one home, you raise the spiritual elevation of your home and feel the peace it brings to your family."

The Program has two food and medicine runs each year that depend on donations. And host the spectacular Annual Navajo Rug Show and Sale each November in Park City, Utah.

Please read about Jay and his hope to spread the word about this unique and wonderful program: Huff Post Article

To learn even more go to the official website. They need our help!

This concept is so great and can be expanded though to all elders of our society. Please donate your time and energy and of course some funds to the following charities and organizations that help our senior citizens.

Dreams for Seniors

National Council on Aging

Twilight Wish

Healthy Years

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Anonymous said...

They truly are special people with so much to learn from. Its a shame white men never took the time to understand them and how they live!! Techqua Ikachi to all the traditionalists