Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy 80th Birthday, William Shatner!

The Captain has turned 80!

We've always joked that we don't know who the hell William Shatner is but somewhere young gorgeous Captain Kirk is still out saving the galaxy.

Kudos to Bill, who has 2 hit shows on right now. "Shit my Dad Says" on CBS is a pretty funny show. He plays a curmudgeony old bastard, ala Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino...and does it very well.

His other show "Shatner's Raw Nerve" is an interview show with a wide range of celebrities. It's "hard hitting" and Bill always gets the celeb to tackle subjects he or she would never normally talk about which leads to very revealing and humanizing moments for the celebs. It's pretty good.

William Shatner is a television and acting legend. Forget Star Trek for a moment. Bill has been on so many TV shows and always kicked ass. He's got a rep for being an arrogant bastard but that's just the way he is. Never forget he was trained as a classical Shakespearean actor and did tons of movies before he ever did TV.

His acting career spans decades.. he was Ranger Bob on Howdy Doody back on the 1950's. Plus he did great guest spots on awesome shows like "The Outer Limits", "Gunsmoke" and "Twilight Zone".

Recently, he did the Emmy nominated show "Boston Legal" and he was just on an episode of "American Pickers".

Bill is a HORSE fanatic. He loves them. Back in the 70's and 80's he used to always come to Pennsylvania every year for the famed Devon Horse Show and show off his own horses. He's pretty awesome.

Happy B'day, Bill!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kirk!! He is 80 going on 50. You gotta admit even if you don't like him the son of a bitch looks good for 80!! I'm willing to bet Elizabeth Taylor was also in his stable,speaking of horses!! LOL