Tuesday, March 1, 2011

SHOCK: Animal Cruelty at Soccer Match

A Columbian soccer match between Barranquilla and Pereira turned ugly when the Pereira's team mascot, an owl, landed on the field and was hit by a ball and injured. Things got REALLY BAD when a Barranquilla player, Luis Moreno, ran to the bird and kicked it. Hard.

The crowd went wild, screaming "Murderer, Murderer!" Moreno had to be escorted off the field and off the premises by police when the crowd threatened to kill him.

It wasn't just the fans who were angry either. As soon as he had kicked the animal, Moreno was confronted by angry Junior players on the pitch.

'I was so angry he hit the little animal, especially after it had already been hit by the ball,' Junior striker Luis Paez told El Heraldo newspaper. 'I told him a bunch of rude things, I really felt enraged.'

Moreno left the Metropolitano ground under heavy police guard and later said sorry for hurting the owl, which lives in the stadium.

'I apologize to the fans, it wasn't my intention, I did it to see if the owl could fly,' said Moreno."

BULLSHIT! No he did not. Having viewed the videotape it is our opinion that this asshole was trying to just clear the field, with no regard to the injured bird. It was just an object to be booted away to make room for the game. It's the lamest excuse we've ever heard.

Anyway, "The incident has also caused anger among animal welfare groups and the president of the Animal and Environmental Network, Marcela Ramirez, has called for a protest in front of the Nacional Soccer building in Bogotato demand sanctions against Moreno." He also faces 1 to 3 months in prison plus a hefty fine.

The owl which lived in the stadium and has been a good luck charm for the team, later died of it's injuries. Injuries directly related to the player and not the initial hit.

Columbia does not have any animal cruelty laws. This guy will be charged with other things like 'property damage' and that sort of thing.

It is our hope that this incident which caused national outrage will change all that. This little owl may have died but perhaps not in vain. Through this public act of cruelty the people of Columbia may write laws to protect all animals.


Anonymous said...

I hope this fucking asshole gets kicked repeatedly in the head!! No reason to do that ,all he had to do was pick it up and move the owl!! What a fucking douchebag and i guess he may qualify as a dead man walking??

Mikki said...

I want to kick him in the ass to see if he can fly. Just terrible!

Mikki said...

Just read that the owl died today of respiratory arrest. Now I really want to punt Moreno.