Monday, March 14, 2011

The Real March Madness

Earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdowns in Japan.

Earth's rotation altered by Japan earthquake.

Middle East uprisings.

Libyan revolt Fail.

New Zealand, Chile and Australia still trying to recover from natural disasters.

Ivory Coast massacre.

Massive flooding in Kentucky and New Jersey.

Union demonstrations and law maker debacles in Wisconsin.

Ongoing "wars" in Iraq and Afghanistan.

NPR and Planned Parenthood undercover stings and possible shut downs.

US Budget Battles.

Somali terrorists.

Chemical plant explosion in Massachusetts.

Al Queda and terrorist nuclear threat.

Earthquake threat to Pacific Coast (and its nuclear plants).

Mexican drug cartel massacres.

Stock market collapse.

Massive sea life die offs.

Suicide bombers.

Catholic priest molestation criminal suits.

Atlantis is FOUND.

Rising food, oil, gas and airline prices.

Global food and water shortages.


The shocking indifference to most or all of the above by obsession over Charlie Sheen, the royal wedding, the NFL lockout, NCAA March Madness, the new iPad2 and the next season of Dancing with the Stars on Monday is appalling.

We understand that due to the overwhelming list of global and local events that we would want to bury our collective heads in the sand and just tune into Tom Bergeron next Monday and FORGET about what is going on in the world. But now is the time to tune in and NOT tune out.

The implications of all of this are shockingly clear. The Human Race needs To GET IT TOGETHER NOW. We need to start acting like a team. It shouldn't take the Japanese crisis to get 67 countries to work together. Thankfully that is the case but we need to start working on quite a few other things TOGETHER before it's too late.

The first thing we need to do is stop the global threat of random nuclear attacks by small minded terrorist groups like Al Queda and kibosh the nuclear threats by Iran. This is paramount. If suicide bombing terrorists blow up Washington DC or New York the retaliation will be immediate and lead to the real end of life as we know it. Global thermonuclear war.

We all know the rest of the drill. End hunger. Stop global pollution. Find a common language. Stop overpopulation. Rebuild disaster ravaged countries. Focus our energies on saving the Earth by creating and funding green technologies and energy policies. We could go on and on.

We as a race can do anything we set our minds to. Greed has to be overcome, at all costs, if we are to survive. Are you familiar with the Cree Indian prophecy?

Only after the last tree has been cut down;
Only after the last fish has been caught;
Only after the last river has been poisoned;
Only then will you realize that money cannot be eaten.

We need to realize RIGHT NOW that not only is the Earth one large playing field and that we are on all the same team but that it's Game Time.

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Anonymous said...

Put me in coach,i'm ready to play today.Look at me i can be ..........CENTERFIELD!!!! You make a great point especially with this March Madness shit!! I am so sick of the bracket this bracket that talk!! Its all bullshit and people should be ashamed of themselves!! To play one for fun is one thing but to talk about it and wager on it is a total disgrace!! Basketball is just a fucking game and these kids take it to far!! College is a joke but the planet and earth isn't's real not a game. I'm so fucking sick of hearing about Duke and all the other asshole schools!! Grow up people and embrace the planet and get away from such shallow things!! Nice report OMNI.