Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday to Giorgio Tsoukalos!

Sorry we missed his birthday on March 14th!

Giorgio runs the magazine Legendary Times and is a huge supporter of the Ancient Astronaut Theory. He counts Erich Von Daniken as a close friend and is the Director of Erich's Center for Ancient Astronaut Research. He writes amazing articles regarding the Theory.

Giorgio came to our attention during the History Channel's series Ancient Aliens. His enthusiasm for the show (he is the producer after all) is contagious.

He is known for his crazy hair, which has it's own fan page on Facebook. However, it is his unwavering faith in the Theory which makes us love him. Someday, people will accept this as fact and not fiction and people like us will be vindicated. Until then, we have Giorgio to keep publishing great articles with all the facts about it.

You can find Giorgio on Facebook and Twitter.

Here is a link to The Legendary Times Bookstore.

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