Monday, March 7, 2011

The Supreme Court Sucks

What the hell is wrong with the Supreme Court? Last week they ruled that the Westboro Church of Hate (as we call it), has the right to protest at funerals citing Free Speech rights.

This is wrong on so many levels we just don't know where to begin.

First of all, a FUNERAL is a private familial process NOT a free speech public rally. So we just cannot understand why in a thousand years the Supreme Court would rule that a hate group has the right to bully you on the day you bury your child. Isn't that day the hardest day of your life anyway? Why compound the issue?

Secondly, holding up signs that read "God Hates Fags" is Hate Speech, which is not a constitutional right! We do not have the right to yell "Fire" in a crowded place when there isn't one as that causes unnecessary and needless panic. Screaming "Thank God for Dead Soldiers" at a MILITARY Funeral causes unnecessary emotional and psychological ABUSE. It could also lead to a lot of Westboro Hatemongers having their faces pummeled by some Jarheads which is what is badly needed right now.

What the fuck were you ruling on, Supreme Court? Is this for real?

The Supreme Court completely dropped the ball on this one. The individuals right to privacy at a funeral was at stake and the Supreme Court ruled against that. They aren't protecting what should be Free Speech and are clearly NOT differentiating between a Hate Crime and Free Speech.

Should the KKK make a case now that burning crosses and harassing black people is Free Speech? Of course they should. The Supreme Court has paved the way for the individual to not have the right to privacy away from derogatory or hateful speech leveled at them, whether privately or publicly.

This all, quite frankly, leaves us speechless with disgust for The Supreme Court as much as we are filled with disgust for The Westboro Redneck FuckWad Church of Hate.

Should we all start screaming "Fire" in a crowded theatre and laugh when people get stampeded and hurt. SURE! Why not? The Supreme Court has ruled we have Free Speech. Oh wait! We still cannot do THAT one because people may get hurt!

Gotcha! So...when the Westboro Hatemongers start getting their asses kicked by say 20 or 30 well muscled and pissed off funeral goers...maybe The Supreme Court will rule the other way because people are getting hurt...? What ever jail time is incurred by punching the Westboro people's teeth in, is time Well Spent.

We join with Anonymous. If the Supreme Court will not curtail this heinous activity than it just has to be up to the American People themselves. THIS WILL NOT STAND AND WE WILL NOT ABIDE.

This is just us exercising our Right To Free Speech.

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