Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Now It's Blizzards...

Nuclear Meltdown and Radiation Exposure
Erupting Volcano in the South
Economic Collapse
Food, Water and Shelter Shortages
Humanitarian Crisis nearing Epic Proportions
Freezing temperatures

Poor Japan!

Besides a tornado which will probably hit any minute now, is there any other thing that can go wrong?

Not even Godzilla could have wreaked more havoc on this poor country. As a matter of fact, Godzilla is the only thing left to strike! If he surfaces next week, we wouldn't be surprised. What else is left, really?

The one thing we just cannot understand is the nuclear crisis. For a nation that knows first hand the suffering of radiation contamination, and for a nation that rises above all others in technological advancement, why did they build so many reactors? Why didn't they lead the world in Green Energy Technology? We cannot fathom the reason behind so many nuclear plants in Japan.

The Japanese people were so against these plants that the government was forced to build more and more reactors at existing sites. That's why each of these Fukushima plants have 6 or 7 reactors apiece. In the US each nuclear plant is regulated to have no more than 2 reactors per plant.

The group of workers that stayed behind to save Japan, The "Fukushima 50", as they are being called will forever be remembered.

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Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS.......This just in Godzilla has been spotted in the Sea of Japan!!