Friday, March 4, 2011

Star Trails Over Mount Everest

WOW! This guy, Anton Jankovoy, camped for MONTHS at the foot of Everest capturing this photo.

"The 23-year-old was so determined not to leave until he had accomplished his mission that he even began meditating to overcome the freezing temperatures.

After three years dedicated to the project, Mr Jankovoy finally caught a series of stunning star trails.

Mr Jankovov, from Zhytomyr in the Ukraine, said: 'I adore photography, especially landscapes because I can just sit there and observe the nature around me. It's so peaceful. But because star trail images need very long shutter speeds they take a lot of patience.

I visited Mount Everest and it was like a revelation to me, a different world, a different way of life, almost a different universe to what I had known in the Ukraine. It had a profound effect on me and seriously changed my life. I fell in love with Nepal, the people and the amazing scenery. When I came home I realised I couldn't go back to my old way of life and so for the last three years I've lived in Nepal for six months of the year. It has taken a lot of dedication and patience but the result has been worth it.'

You're not kidding! Way to go, Anton...and thanks for the awesome pic!


Anonymous said...

The cool thing about it is if you really look at the center it looks like the "eye" of a whale!! Pretty neat.

Harper Cosper said...

Did he accomplish his mission? A freezing temperature is difficult to overcome. He really needs a lot of meditation and focus! What he had done is absolutely worth remembering! Capturing that stunning and exquisite photo is already a big achievement. One would wish to be in his position back then.

What was it like seeing those star trails personally, Anton?