Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Mother's Loving Embrace

Look at the loving face of Comel the orangutan. Her baby, as yet unamed, was born at the Singapore Zoo recently. He is a newborn. AND SO CUTE! But not as pretty as mom, who's human eyes tell it all. "Look at my baby boy. I love him!"

The Zoo is sponsoring a naming contest for him.

"There are four choices - Ah Boy, Bino, Terang and Xing Xing.

Zookeepers say he is friendly and always has a smile and Ah Boy is a common term of endearment for boys in Singapore.

Bino means 'brave' in Bahasa Indonesia while Terang is Malayan for 'bright'. Finally, Xing Xing which is Chinese for both 'star' and 'ape'.

There are two weeks left to go and at the moment Bino is the most popular name."


Our choice of the four is Xing Xing, (pronounced Zing Zing). He's a star and an ape. It's perfect.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah your right she does have that proud look of a mother!! She's looking at the camera like do you see my little guy,isn't he the cutest? What an awesome picture!!