Saturday, March 19, 2011

R.I.P. KNUT "The People's Bear" - UPDATED

Baby Knut in 2006

Knut, Berlin's beloved polar bear was found dead in his enclosure today.

"He was by himself in his compound, he was in the water, and then he was dead," said Kloes. "He was not sick, we don't know why he died."

A post mortem will be conducted on Monday to try pinpoint his cause of death, he said.

Between 600 and 700 people were at Knut's compound and saw the four-year-old bear die, German news agency DAPD reported."

Poor Knut! We cannot believe he just died like that. And in front of such a huge crowd. He was the cutest baby animal ever and a great "poster" boy for polar bears in general. Very sad news today from Germany.

We forgot that Knut's keeper, known as Knut's Dad, Thomas Doerflein, also died very suddenly of a heart attack a few years ago. We know they are together now on the other side.

Knut and Thomas in 2006

R.I.P Knut!

Knut did not go gently into that good night. HORRIFIC video has surfaced of Knut's last moments and it's gut wrenchingly awful. The ONLY solace is that his agony lasted no longer than a minute or two and then he was gone. But he did suffer. He is shown turning in circles, twitching his leg terribly and raising it up like it hurt. Then going into convulsions, and with an agonizing roar he loses control and tumbles into his pool dying. You can see the water still thrashing from the convulsions for about 5 seconds and then nothing. He didn't surface. We don't even think he drowned because the splashing didn't last for more than a few seconds. It looks like he stroked out.

Onlookers screamed in horror and then just started yelling and crying.

POOT KNUT! We are just heart broken. We don't think the zoo could have done anything. It happened too fast. One minute he was fine, the next he was twitching and then tumbling over dead. Even if they got him with a happened so suddenly. Terrible. Poor Knut!

Knut all grown up in recent picture...

Knut's Memorial in front of his enclosure at the zoo.

Click on "neuen Eintrag erstellen" to enter your sympathy note

There are so many pages on here already, its amazing how touched people are/were by Knut. Cut and paste some of the notes into TRANSLATOR and you'll be amazed at the nice things the German people have to say. Many, many notes are in English though. It's so sad.

Here's an example:

Lieber Knut,

ich bin unendlich traurig das du uns schon so früh wieder verlassen hast. Aber der Gedanke das du jetzt wieder mit deinem Ziehvater zusammen sein kannst lindert den Schmerz etwas.

Danke für die vielen schönen Momente an denen Du uns hast teilnehmen lassen

Dear Knut,

I am very sad that you have left us so early again. But the idea that you have returned to be with your mentor can relieve the pain somewhat.

Thank you for the many beautiful moments where you have let us participate

And there's poetry for Knut too:


your fluffy white hair
curious black eyes
all the sweetness you have

i won't forget.

Good night, have a nice dream sweety.

That's from all of us. Good night and have a nice dream, Little Knut, you Sweetie Bear.

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Anonymous said...

He clearly was a special little guy!! He's with his keeper now!!