Friday, March 25, 2011

Two New German Polar Bear Babies

Exactly four years almost to the day after the Berlin Zoo debuted little Knut, who we sadly lost this week, the Nuremberg Zoo proudly presents little Gregor and Aleu. The four month old, 45 pound, twins made their public debut yesterday to record crowds.

Gregor and Aleu with Mom, Vera

Visitors were as delighted to see these two little guys as they were years ago to see little Knut. The two certainly made an impression running around and swimming with their mom for almost four hours.

"Keeper Petra Fritz said: 'Vera is taking to motherhood very well and the cubs are in excellent health. They are are just like her - bold and adventurous. They are just so sweet.'"

Although they can't really replace Knut, it is nice to see them. They look happy. Knut too had a brother that died a few months after birth, so maybe these two will a have a happier time or easier go of it than Knut, since they have each other for company. Plus, their mom didn't reject them, unlike poor Knut, so these two have already got so much more on their side. Little Knut was so alone.

Let's hope for the best for these two little guys!

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Anonymous said...

They are cute but knut was much cuter!! Good Luck little ones!!