Thursday, March 31, 2011



Yes, folks, less than ONE MONTH after storming off the job, Dr. Zahi Hawass makes his triumphant return to the antiquities that cannot live without him.

"Mr. Hawass, who has never been accused of being humble, said on Wednesday that he did not ask to come back, but that there was no one else who could do the job. I cannot live without antiquities, and antiquities cannot live without me,” he said."

Are we surprised? Hell NO!

Storehouse after storehouse has been looted since the uprising with the guards running for their lives from armed intruders and thieves.

"Armed groups raided several warehouses around the country, including one in the Egyptian Museum, amid security vacuum caused by the withdrawal of policemen from the streets following bloody clashes with protesters during the beginning of the Egyptian revolution. Egyptian Authorities last week reported that at least 800 artifacts were stolen by armed groups from a warehouse east of Cairo."

Zahi has one hell of a mess to clean up. But we are confident he can do it. That's what Pharaoh's are for!

PS: Remember, the 3rd part of our Great Pyramid series is this coming Monday. Ah, the sweet joy of having The Pharaoh back just in time to bash him. WINNING!

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Anonymous said...

Its funny you put WINNING because he is alot like Charlie Sheen in that they both are being asked to COME BACK!! LOL He must also have tigers blood in him?? Maybe in his case Egyptian Cobra Venom Blood?!! LOL

Mikki said...

Awesome!! I agree, he's got Cobra Venom, MUCH better than Tiger's Blood!

The Omni Report said...

We agree as well. We think he's got:

Egyptian Cobra Venom Blood,
The Eye of Horus,
And most importantly of all, a giant set of balls the likes of which have not been seen since the times of the Great God Ra!