Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Royal Wedding (That No One Cares About)

Dumb and Dumber

It comes as no surprise to us, because we don't care about the Royal Wedding one iota, that poll numbers show that no one really cares about this stupid event either.

"In a ComRes survey of 1,006 British adults conducted in November 2010, a clear majority said they were "not excited" by the wedding. Of the sample, some 31% said they "couldn't care less" about the event and a further 28% described themselves as "largely indifferent".

See? The average Brit doesn't even care! So why is the media shoving this thing down our throats amid false claims that "we can't get enough?"

Not only do we not care who's invited, we could care less who makes the dress, where it's held and we are certainly not going to watch it, TIVO it or Youtube it.

The only thing we are looking forward to is actually having it so it WILL BE OVER!

Prince William is close to 30 years old now. Whoooo.. We ask again...who gives a damn about him or his life? He reminds us of a certain horse-toothed jack ass...

Prince William

One "famous" British comedian had this to say: "What I hate most is the assumption that I care, when in fact I very much do not," he barks. "There are lots of important things happening right now and yet we keep hearing about it over and over again. I don't care about my friends' weddings, never mind theirs. It's the inescapability of the whole thing - you can't get away from it even if you want to."

We agree!

In America the non-interest poll numbers are off the chart: "(Reuters) - Sixty-five percent of Americans have no interest in Prince William's pending marriage."

Why does the media ignore this and insist on tireless and endless coverage?

The Royal Family just needs to go away once and for all. The only reason they exist in this day and age is because of tourism. It's true. "Tourism in London has always relied heavily on visitors being attracted from America because of the Royal family. A loss in that interest will have a huge impact on the finances of the UK."

We've always wanted to go to London but never because of the Royals. We don't even understand what makes them royal in the first place. They are a showpiece that has no bearing on politics. In fact, they have no political power and exist solely on taxpayer money. If we were a Brit we'd be throwing a fit! And also throwing those useless idiots out of their castles and into the damn streets where they belong.

Viva La Revolucion!


Anonymous said...

Well said OMNI!! Who gives a flying fuck about these spoiled brats?? True royalty is of the people for the people!! Kate looks like a douche with her big hats on and you hit it right on the head with William(horse toothed BaBa Booey). People have to stop buying into this bullshit!! They are no more royal than you or me!! Shame on the media but thats what they do to sell newspapers and tv time. They should have toned it down and came right out and said look the world is different now and we feel like asswipes for thinking we're better than everyone!! Start a new and run these assholes out of the palace!! As nice as Diana was she still was a money and fame whore. Ohhhh weres the camera now?? Give me a break what a fucking joke!! Douchebag says what?? LOL

Anonymous said...

10 million dollars should be used on improving the country's infrastructures, transportation and education system OR given back to the people OR helping countries that have been affected by disasters ie: Japan for the moment and NOT on some stupid wedding that's not even going to bring any income for the nation. Besides, that Kate girl looks lifeless with no personality. Who cares about the self-proclaimed wedding of the decade?!

Anonymous said...

he tourism myth is used all too often, only one place of Royal interest makes it into the top 10 most visted tourist attractions in the UK (and that's Buckingham Palace, the castles of Wales are apparently more popular amongst foreign tourists to this country). Also people would still be interested in the history of the Royals if they were to go, in fact it could in theory generate more interest as rooms that were once closed off become available to view. The Palace of Versailles and other such places in France create just as much interest and money for the French economy as our Royal tourist attractions. The three most visited tourist attractions in this country are the British Museum, Blackpool Pleasure Beach and the Tate Modern.

Anonymous said...

I am American, and when I heard our President was not even invited, screw the Brits. The only reason some Americans are excited is that they have no lives of their own, and really feel this is like a "Cinderella" Story. And it is Di's Son. Well, we all know how is Mother's life was a living hell, and him giving Kate his mummy's ring, is the start of terrible things to come. Kate, poor this is the only women he has dated that takes all his he picked her. All the other "mates" girlfriends would kick him to the curb. When his Father Prince Charles married Camilla, my interest in the Royal's died, if that tramp can wear a crown, and eat at the same table as the Queen, the Queen has a stronger stomach than we thought.

Anonymous said...

British finances? Maybe if they wern't so ridiculously over-paid with OUR own money, they wouldn't be needed for tourism. Her dress is probably being made by monks and nuns eyelashes, bleached under a sacred waterfall and weaved together eylash by eyelash by specialist dress makers from a scarce village on a small carribean island, talk about draining british finances.. the only thing draining the british finances is this fucking wedding and that fucking family, they are a load of my ass.

Anonymous said...

holy shit really noone gives a shit....fuck we should watch real news instead of this bullshit

Anonymous said...

i don't see why we would care about some inbred family wedding across the ocean. why is there so much coverage here? its probably our media trying to draw attention away from important things for whatever reasons.