Thursday, March 3, 2011

You Can't Kill Me. I'm Too Cute

"SULPHUR, Oklahoma -- He was euthanized, declared dead and left in a dumpster, but somehow a three-month-old puppy is alive and now has whole new future ahead of him.

Wall-e, along with the rest of his litter, was left outside the Sulphur dog shelter. He and his littermates were put to sleep because they appeared to be very sick. The vet checked their pulse and declared every one dead. But the next morning, Animal Control Officer Scott Prall looked in the dumpster and saw Wall-e wandering around.

"He was just as healthy as could be," Prall said, who added Wall-e was named after the Pixar robot who was the last of his kind."

WOW! What a cute little guy...and he finally has some good luck! The shelter is being flooded with calls to adopt him.

After the second lethal injection failed to kill him, Wall-e was quoted as saying "Is that all you got?"


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Anonymous said...

Wow what a cute little guy!! I'd adopt him also.