Sunday, February 20, 2011

America's Most Wanted

We watched America's Most Wanted Saturday night for the first time in over 10 years. Although we never usually watch it, a part of us is happy that the show is still on and continues to catch criminals.

This weeks show was dedicated to catching a few serial killers and although the stories were compelling, The Zodiac Killer, The I-65 Killer, The Grim Sleeper Killer etc., it's sad that these psychos on still on the loose. The Zodiac has been wanted for over 40 years and is still active case. One of the longest in law enforcement history.

The show itself has been on the air continuously for TWENTY THREE YEARS! The total number of thugs caught worldwide is 1,143!

A thousand or so guys may not seem like much but it's over eleven hundred murders, rapists and thugs that are not in your neighborhood or mine anymore. KUDOS to John Walsh.

We couldn't love John Walsh any more than we do. This guy is a true hero. All that is missing is the mask and cape because he is a Superhero.

When his son Adam was beheaded in 1981, he lost his son and in the worst way a parent can lose a child - to the hands of a serial murderer. But to sum it up, that guy really fucked with the wrong guy. Because of that one guys actions, we gained a supreme force of good in the world. John Walsh has spent the last 30 years fighting for YOUR child to make sure it doesn't happen to you or anyone's kid.

He almost single handedly formed and founded The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. God Bless John Walsh. We're sorry for Adam Walsh but its amazing that so good could have come from something so bad.

John Walsh is a suburb example of what a person can accomplish when they set their mind to something. He is "using his powers for good". He is an exemplary American and human being.

Everytime Fox threatens to cancel AMW, law enforcement petitions to keep the show on. They say it is an invaluable resource to catching criminals.

Tune in next Saturday night for America's Most Wanted "50 in 50" where they will profile 50 killers in all 50 states.

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