Thursday, February 24, 2011

"I demonstrated with the people in Tahrir Square and they love me"

He's BAAAACK! The Last Great Pharaoh of Egypt is back again and doing well.

He's posted on his blog a number of statements regarding the last few weeks. Including our title in which he says he protested in Tahrir Square with everyone else and that the people love him.

Dr. Hawass says that HIS department is not and was not ever corrupt, emphatically stating that his has always been an HONEST department.

Also under his administration he, "raised salaries three times, created a social club for SCA staff, started the Festival of Archaeologists (which recognizes the achievements of Egyptian archaeologists at all levels), assisted employees in getting into university programs abroad and started many training programs for young archaeologists in Egypt."

Well, that should shut everyone up. A Festival! Why didn't he just say that in the first place!

Oh and to top it off, "Hawass also said he met yesterday with a group of young archaeologists representing the protestors picketing his headquarters. He said they offered him flowers and an apology for not understanding that the ministry is "trying to increase the number of jobs available for newly qualified archaeologists and restorers."

Flowers! Well it was just Valentine's Day - One Two dozen red roses for Dr. Hawass please with a note that reads, "I Heart Zahi"...

The article concluded with: " I hope that I will keep my new position because I believe that the monuments and museums of Egypt need me..."

Awww...We need you too, Pharaoh. Somewhere deep in our hearts we couldn't live without you!

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Anonymous said...

Roses with PICKLES!! OH YEAH!! LOL