Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ronnie James Dio: Spectrum Live 1984

No one...NO ONE...was as talented, awesome and respected as the Great Ronnie James Dio. His voice stands alone as the best in the business. Deep, resonant and sincere, Ronnie's voice has the ability to lift your spirit. In fact, his voice is universally accepted as the MOST powerful in all of heavy metal. His music, his incomparable music, is as inspiring and just as great today as it was back when he composed it. He was talented in every way. No one loved their fans more than Ronnie and he showed it and proved it time and again. He was the consummate showman.

He will forever be missed more than he could ever imagine or more than we could even imagine, for when we listen to his music we are again transported into his world - a world of magic and mystery - and we want to stay there and relive it over and over again.

R.I.P Ronnie James Dio - you will LIVE FOREVER!

In honor of The Spectrum and Ronnie we are posting all of his YouTube Spectrum footage today.


Here's "MYSTERY"

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Anonymous said...

Is the wise man always right? No he can play the fool!! Its always a mystery!! What genius from that little man. Dio will always be the GREATEST EVER just like the SPECTRUM!!! R.I.P. RONNIE!! \m/