Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ghost Hunters and Destination Truth

Ghost Hunters featuring TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) returns tonight for it's 7th season! SyFy is having a marathon of episodes today to lead up to the season premiere. GH is the nation's most highly rated paranormal reality series. Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures is probably a close second, though.

Recent polls show that over 35% of Americans believe in ghosts and that almost 25% of Americans have seen or experienced something paranormal.

Tune in tonight at 9pm.

Ghost Hunters Official Site at SyFy Channel

Also on SyFY, coming soon is The Destination Truth LIVE show on St. Patrick's Day. The DT crew will be featuring Chris and Barry from Ghost Hunters International. The locale is Ireland where they will investigating the legend of the Banshee Ghost at some giant castle. Barry, of course, is an Irish bloke and will be right at home. He will probably second the investigation after Josh Gates, the often hilarious and super-funny host of the show. If you've never seen Destination Truth, it's not to late to get hooked.

Tune in 3/17 at 7pm on SyFy channel.

Destination Truth Live Website

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Anonymous said...

Yeah and the other 65% are already dead!! LOL