Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's All Chinese in NY'S Little Italy

Well, the 2010 Census has a surprise for all you Guidos and Guidettes out there...Surprise, there are none of you left in New York's famed Litte Italy!

The Census survey reveals that in the 12 block radius of Little Italy, only 5% of residents said they were Italian-American and ZERO were Italian born.

In fact, Little Italy is putting it correctly. Once the area spanned over 50 city blocks, but today it is only 12 blocks and that is dwindling FAST.

"In March, the City Planning Commission is likely to vote for the creation of a Chinatown Business Improvement District, which would include all but two blocks of Little Italy, a neighborhood that once encompassed 50 square blocks. It's really all Chinatown now.."

We'd have to research whether or not Hell's Kitchen is still there in the same size and proportion of "the old days", but it seems all the little ethnic neighborhoods of NY are dying out. Even Harlem isn't the same.

It's to be expected really. The waves of immigration that once drenched New York City died out just one hundred years ago. We live in a different time and place.

Huff Post article

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