Friday, February 4, 2011

Update From The Pharaoh

"I am the only source of continuing truth concerning antiquities,.... If anything happens to the museum, I would bravely tell everyone all over the world because I am a man of honor, and I would never hide anything from you. It is from my heart that I tell people everywhere that I am the guardian of these monuments that belong to the whole world.

If anything happens I will announce it.

I want everyone to relax, and know that I am here and we are all watching with open eyes. I want people to know that after 9 days of protests, the monuments are safe. Why? Because the Egyptian people are protecting them."

Sigh of relief...We can relax now! The Pharaoh is on top of things and says to relax..., plus he's speaking from his heart, Thanks, Zahi!

Probably the greatest picture we have EVER seen!
Could the guards be any closer?
Are we sure the antiquities are as protected as he is?

Unafraid, The Pharaoh strides openly outside his museum

Why isn't this guy President already?

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Mikki said...

SERIOUSLY! The Pharaoh for President! Woot Woot! And I love that picture of him in his office with the guards. Cool!