Thursday, February 24, 2011

SURVIVOR: There's a Sasquatch in Camp - UPDATED

This season is shaping up to be one of the best ever. It was only the second episode of the season and it rocked. First we had Ralph the Redneck Sasquatch find another Immunity Idol, we had a confrontation between Russell and Ralph leading to the narrowing of Russell's eyes (or are they always that way?). We had an Immunity Idol played at Tribal on day friggin' 5 and a total and complete blindside in the vote.

Well, where do we start? We're going to make this brief and only touch on a couple of points.

First of all, Ralph is so covered in hair that it was impossible to actually hear the confrontation between him and Russell for the hidden Immunity Idol clue over the voice in our head saying "Oh my God! Look at all that hair!" The guy is walking Sasquatch. It's complete head to toe body hair and it's thick and curly. You just want to dip him in Nair. Ugggh!

Secondly, Russell was manipulating like crazy this episode but we've got to talk Boston Rob. WOW! This guy knows how to handle anyone. So does Russell, but in two polar opposite ways. Russell is all muscle and Rob is a sweet talker. He has a way of making you feel like he's your best friend. Ask Coach from the last time Rob was on. BROMANCE CITY.

This season it's Phillip, aka The Crazy Federal Agent, who is in love with Rob. He said to Rob last night, "You have my vote, man." "Tell me who to vote for." Jeez! For a Fed, this guy is about as slick as the Atacama Desert. In other words, not at all.

Rob didn't tell him anything for fear he'd blab like last week. Instead Rob gave him a code and used it at Tribal. Phillip fell for it and voted for who Rob wanted him to. Meanwhile Rob and his true alliance of 3 peeps, voted out Matt. Matt did not see it coming and was completed stunned - totally like - deer in the headlights - stunned.

Matt's sin? After losing the reward/immunity challenge, Matt walked over to the opposing tribe and hugged and congratulated them. There have been much dumber things done on Survivor, but that was pretty much up there. Dude, what the hell were you thinking?

Next week is Redemption Island showdown #1. Francesca vs. Matt.

UPDATE: We're not the only ones completely repulsed by Ralph's body carpet. Read Tallulah's Survivor Blog...she's calling him Mansweater. We like Sasquatch better, though.

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