Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Went to a Fight and a Hockey Game Broke Out

The NHL is taking a lot of shit lately for it's downward spiral into the 70's fight like no tomorrow culture it used to be.

Once, a lifetime ago, Wayne Gretzky took a lot of flak for decrying the fighting nature in hockey. Mario Lemieux did the same almost 20 years ago and he did again this week. He even said he would step away from the sport if things didn't change.

Since February 2, there have been (this is from an SI article - link below):
a) two goalie fights;
b) three bouts in the first four minutes of a Stars-Bruins game that also included a vicious blindside hit;
c) unbridled brawling between two Original 6 rivals, the Bruins and Canadiens, that included the son of the NHL's dean of discipline as a major combatant flailing away as his elbow pad flapped;
d) a match between the Penguins and Islanders featuring 346 penalty minutes that would have been better handled by a SWAT team than two referees and two linesmen...

That last one was funny as hell. But it leaves the question, what is happening?

For a while, hockey was too politically correct and in a way it does seem strange in this time and age that in the middle of a sporting event it's normal to just drop the gloves and punch someone's lights out. But we like it that way. We remember screaming for blood like a spectator at a Roman Gladiator match...and we are normal civilized people. Aren't we? And it's just the way hockey is..right?

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