Tuesday, February 1, 2011

THIS is the Face of Michael Vick

Meet Lucas, one of the 13 dogs lucky enough to be rescued from the home of Eagles quarterback and pro-bowl star, Michael Vick. It's been three years since the dogs were taken into protective custody and placed at The Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah. And it's been a long and painful three years.

When the dogs got to their new home, Dogtown, they were scared, scarred and in desperate need of human love and rehab. The workers at Best Friends faced an uphill battle as most people outside the humane shelter wanted the dogs put down. The dogs had diseases, open sores and battle injuries. They were in some cases hostile and in most cases just outright scared shitless, cowering in corners afraid of people and other dogs.

Now, these 13 dogs are happy and adjusted to life again.

Michael Vick is an asshole and scum of the lowest kind. We don't care how many times he speaks out against what he did, because it will never make up for the fact that he only "changed" because he GOT CAUGHT. He would still be doing this if he weren't nabbed red-handed and sent to Federal Prison.

To donate to these Vick-tory dogs go to: Best Friends.org

We have been to Best Friends in Utah. It is a haven for abused and unwanted animals. It is quite frankly, one of the most beautiful places we've ever seen. It's set in the Utah wilderness with Native American petroglyphs adorning the mountains and hummingbird colonies fluttering around in freedom. The very air is an elixir for the soul. The staff gave us a tour of the various buildings, fed us lunch and were generous and gracious hosts. We urge everyone to donate to them and arrange to see the place for yourself. It was unforgettable.


Mikki said...

I give to them every year. I still want to "vacation" there one day to volunteer my time to the animals.

The Omni Report said...

You have to go. Everything there is beyond words. The locals are wonderful people on and off the Sanctuary, the Sanctuary itself is inspiring, the landscape brings you back in time...I can't say enough about it. We actually saw petroglyphs thousands of years old right at Best Friends itself. And there is a touristy cave that you can go to run by the nicest people you'll ever meet! LOVE LOVE LOVED IT. Of course the "town" has one traffic light, one restaurant, one hotel..its a trip!