Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Is The Pharaoh in Trouble? - UPDATED - Yes, He is in Deep S***

Headlining The Daily Grail Front Page is the story of how The Big Z might be facing his last days in office!? This is good and bad. We know Dr. Zahi Hawass is the worst technical archaeologist on record and is arrogant and racist. We also know that he is totally unique and has such zeal and passion it has to be admired. He is also a tough son of a bitch and at 70+ years old can still trek 8 miles across the desert while bitching at others to shut the hell up and keep moving.

If he leaves the world will never be the same! Who will we write about every day with such simultaneous revulsion and affection?

"An acquaintance of his who visited him today at his office while protesters outside bayed for his downfall described the usually supremely confident archaeologist as "shattered" by recent events, and said most of his books and personal papers have already been moved out of the office."


Read the article "The Fall of The Pharaoh" HERE at The Daily Grail

It's worse than we thought! The Mubarak corruption has left Egyptian archaeologists out of work for so long they are now storming the gates of the Ministry of Antiquities. In fact, all labor unions are on strike.

From Sky News at News.sky.com:

"Inside we were trying to interview celebrity Egyptologist turned government minister Dr Zahi Hawass. Our interview was interrupted by his secretary.

"The crowd is trying to break down the gates and climb in," she told him anxiously.

Dr Hawass phoned the army to ask for protection and then the Interior Ministry. He told the army commander the mob had been organised by the Muslim Brotherhood.

"It's chaos," he told us. "The revolution will destroy Egypt. It's happening everywhere. How can I suddenly give all these people jobs."

As we left the crowd forced the gates and stormed the forecourt shouting: "Give us work." "

Full article Here

“Get out,” chanted a crowd of 150 archaeology graduates outside Hawass’ office on Monday. The protest was highly personal: demonstrators called Hawass a “showman” who seeks publicity and has little regard for the thousands of archaeology students who are unable to find work in their field.

This certainly spells doom for Zahi. If he makes it out of this one, he will forever be cemented into the annals of history as the True Pharaoh of Egypt. Allahu Akbar!


"The rally was raucous but peaceful. Several soldiers blocked protesters from entering the Supreme Council of Antiquities building in the Zamalek district on an island in the Nile that was largely spared the chaos that gripped Cairo. An armored personnel carrier parked in the street, a helmeted soldier poking out of a hatch.

The minister did not appear, and a roar of disapproval swept the crowd when someone said he had slipped out the back door. Then there was a rumor, unconfirmed but no less damaging to his image, that his car had clipped a pedestrian. The protesters dispersed at dusk, and promised to return.

The graduates said the antiquities ministry had offered them three-month contracts at 450 Egyptian pounds ($75) a month, hardly enough to survive. They noted that Egypt's tourism industry is a major foreign currency earner, and yet it was unclear how exactly the government was spending the income.

A foreign tourist spends up to 160 Egyptian pounds ($27) to visit the pyramids of Giza and descend into a tomb there, said 25-year-old Said Hamid. Multiply that, he said, by the thousands who used to visit daily until upheaval drove away foreign visitors and plunged the lucrative industry into crisis.

"Where is the money?" said Hamid, a 2007 graduate who works in a travel agency but specialized in restoration of artifacts as a student."

The people are calling for his resignation. This Hamid, makes a spectacular point. Where is the money, Dr. Hawass? In the Swiss vault next to Mubarak's? WOW!


Mikki said...

Yikes! I really can't imagine the Cairo Museum without Hawass. And his bad qualities aside, I feel the antiquities are safer in his hands instead of someone else's. I dunno. I'd have to see who they want to replace him with.

Anonymous said...

He's probably stocking up on his King Tut pieces now!! LOL. I would and then just put them on the looted list. Oh by the way the gold tut mask is not real....the looters must have switched it with a pyrite one??? LOL Clear out your office and the museum!!

Anonymous said...

That woman better get over there quick and get her guided tour before its too late!! LOL