Monday, February 21, 2011

Liam Neeson is #1

The Liam Neeson movie Unknown took the Number One spot in box office sales this weekend.

He is BY FAR one of our favorite actors ever. He's up there with Errol Flynn and Viggo Mortensen.

Some of our favorite Liam Neeson movies include:

The Bounty - A MUST SEE! Anthony Hopkins is at his best as Capt. Bligh

Schindler's List - How can you ever forget the final scene when he breaks down. "I should have done more!"

Nell - This movie gets knocked around a bit, but it's a really great story. And the movie where he met his late wife Natasha Richardson.

Rob Roy - Liam Neeson in a kilt. Need we say more?

Before and After - Another must see! Meryl Streep plays his wife and Neeson is at his peak.


Batman Begins - What a surprise to see him in this movie. Scene stealer!


The A-Team - No offense to the ghost of George Peppard but Neeson is at his best as Hannibal Smith

Just last week there was a great article on his voice:

"The Oracle"

Most notable: Liam Neeson

This is the old sage, the gentle authoritarian, the kung fu master, the wise grandfather or God. He can boom omnisciently when he needs to but generally he gives off solid comfort and warmth. Neeson in particular is so authoritative that he never has to trade in his Irish accent to be another nationality. He’s the perfect avenging power dad in schlock like “Taken," a distraught doctor in the upcoming “Unknown," and he’s got Aslan down tight in the “Narnia” films. His vocal performance offers the perfect combination of warm, Jesus-like assurance and moral certainty with the power to roar if the forces of evil rise."

We'll watch or listen to anything he is in...

Neeson's IMDB profile

We're not the only ones who love him. Check out this short but great article out on EW.Com

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Mikki said...

Just watched the movie Taken. He kicks ass in that! If you're going to be abducted, you WANT Liam as your father. Right now I think the action films are great for him.