Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tennis News

Serena Williams is catching shit for another tournament no show. She has committed and cancelled everything since her "foot" injury last year after Wimbledon. Fans, players and officials are getting tired of her cancelling routine. She shouldn't commit if she has no intention of showing up and should just retire already.

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Andy Roddick won his 30th career title yesterday in his 50th career final. One shot was so amazing it has been making Internet rounds. Roddick called it "the best shot I've ever hit n my life, considering the circumstances." Circumstances being that he is sick with the flu, still managed to play and win.

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A tale of two Djokovic's

There are TWO Djokovic's! Novak has a younger brother, Marko, playing doubles with him in the Dubai tournament this week. They lost, though. Still, Novak is out to defend this two-time title for himself.

Says Novac: “The main purpose for [Marko] here and in any professional event he plays is to learn. To get as much practice, as much experience as he can, and then use it afterwards. It's a huge inspiration for him to see the best players in the world, and motivation.”

Who knew?

Also, Caroline Wozniacki takes the Number #1 spot after winning the Dubai Open Final. She really needs to win a major though. Look for her to triumph this year at at least one of them.

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