Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lindsey Vonn Comes to Her Senses

Just days after we ripped Lindsey Vonn for competing with a concussion, she has pulled out of the rest of the World's Championships in Germany. YAY!

The fact that the US Ski team allowed her to compete is a travesty. They/she/everyone is lucky she didn't get hurt again and face life threatening brain trauma.

Kudos to Linds for finally seeing the light. It's just not worth it, honey.

Here is a copy of the article out today:

No longer willing to risk further injury as she copes with the aftereffects of a mild concussion, the Olympic downhill champion has decided to withdraw from her remaining events at the world championships.

"It's been a really difficult few weeks and at every stage, I've had 100 percent confidence in the medical advice I've been provided and believe we've made the right decisions," Vonn said. "I'm a competitor and I love to race – that's what makes this a really tough choice, but I do feel it's the right one."

Vonn fell on her head during training in Austria the week before the worlds and was clearly not her normal self during her opening events, reporting that she felt like she was "skiing in a fog," and was unable to maintain her concentration for an entire run.

"My plan now will be to take some time off and try to get 100 percent healthy again," Vonn said. "My hope is that I will be healthy and fresh when the World Cup tour resumes at the end of the month in Are, Sweden."

That Vonn was cleared to ski when still reporting such symptoms drew a wave of criticism. If a second impact occurs before someone completely gets over an initial concussion it can have life-altering effects.

Vonn had a head scan the day after her crash but was never banned from skiing by the U.S. team. She passed a series of concussion protocol exams multiple times each day during the championships.

Vonn's injury comes amid heightened awareness of head injuries, including a concussion that has sidelined hockey's biggest star, Sidney Crosby, indefinitely.

Vonn finished seventh in super-G, pulled out after the downhill portion of the super-combined and took silver in the downhill Sunday.

Let's not forget NHL star Eric Lindros who is fucked up to this day from playing with too many concussions. It ruined his life and his career.


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Well thats one linds with a brain!! When will the other come to her senses??

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