Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thorpe Park Ghost

An amusement park in England is having troubles with...ghosts.

Thorpe Park is the largest amusement park in England. It's a modern place with roller coasters and everything ala Six Flags here in the US.

The trouble is that parts of it are built on old burial grounds and the entire park is close to the ruins of an old Abbey called Chertsey Abbey. A haunted old Abbey.

There's even an old path called The Monks Walk and that's where the ghostly occurrences are happening.

Work has begun on a new ride on the Monks Walk and the workers there are reporting all kinds of things. So much so that a paranormal group has been called in to help.

"The rides foundations would have been over an area of the park where stone coffins have previously been excavated."

"Managers at the park decided to relocate the ride to another area of the park and also called in a forensic team to carry out further investigations."

Is this all a publicity stunt for the new ride and the park itself? Maybe so. It's also possible the place really is haunted. England reports the highest number of paranormal/ghost sightings in the entire world.

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