Thursday, February 17, 2011

SURVIVOR: Idol Found on First Day + Immediate Sell Out

"Hi, I'm a former federal Agent, wear red underwear,
will annoy you instantly and sell you out at
the first opportunity. Nice to meet you"

You know, we never get bored saying this...Survivor continues to amaze us!

Since we first saw the promos for this show ten years ago, we've never gotten tired of it, never missed an episode and all for good reason. Survivor is the best competitive reality show on television.

First of all, the new tribes didn't seem thrilled to see Russell Hantz drop into their midst. And, oh boy, did Russell have the look of the devil on his face. The tribes looked alternately disgusted and scared of him. On the other side, Boston Rob was greeted as a returning Survivor God. His tribe worships him already and call him their "leader".

Secondly, for the first time ever, a new contestant found the Immunity Idol on the very first day. Of course, she was stupid with it. She shared the Idol secret with another woman, Francesca, and that was okay. Then she showed it to Mr. Crazy. Mr. Crazy is Phillip, a former Federal Agent, who is one of the most annoying Survivors ever. We can't even go into it. You have to see it to believe it. You should have seen him standing all crazy in his red droopy underwear telling everyone what to do. It was a WTF moment.

Kristina, the woman that found the idol on Rob's tribe, showed the idol to Mr. Crazy thinking that as a Federal Agent he'd be able to keep a secret. WRONGO!

In what was the most entertaining Tribal Council of all time (and there have been plenty) Phillip got mad at Kristina and Francesca and told everyone Kristina had the idol and wanted to send Rob home. Way to go, dude. Everyone's jaw just about hit the ground, including Jeff Probst. It was fucking crazy. Kristina looked like she wanted to kill Phillip and then just die. He sold out his alliance at the very first opportunity. And at Tribal! What a complete asshole. No wonder he is a "former" Federal Agent. He probably got on the phone with Saddam Hussein to argue about a sandwich and told him the whole "shock and awe" thing was going to happen.

All hell broke loose and then Boston Rob asked her for the idol. Just out and out said "Give it to me and you won't go home." Kristina actually handed the idol to Rob and when she turned down his offer, he gave it back. She got three votes at Tribal and probably would've have gone home but everyone thought she would play the idol and didn't waste all their votes on her. She didn't play the idol, held onto it and her friend, the other woman, Francesca, went home instead. Why they didn't vote out Phillip, AKA Mr. Crazy is beyond comprehension.

Meanwhile, the funny thing throughout Tribal was the fact that Mr. Secret Agent, couldn't pronounce the name Francesca. He kept stumbling all over it. This guy is a pisser.

Now, Francesca awaits the next cast-off at Redemption Island.

Back to Russell, for a moment. He's up to his old tricks and his tribe is onto him. The majority want him off asap. They even call him a "cancerous poison" But Russell still has luck on his side. His tribe won the challenge, did not go to Tribal and the longer he stays, the more castaways he'll ensnare in his trap. They didn't get Russell voted out that minute and so he'll be sticking around. We like it that way. Man is he fun to watch. What an arrogant, amusing SOB.


Anonymous said...

Phillip has got to be the worst federal agent known to man!! First he can't keep a secret but to not be able to know or say someone's name over and over again?? Are they not trained for details such as names?? I think he's full of shit and is just a garbage man or something!! LOL You got it right he may be a professional pisser!! I hope he joins Frangelica next week on Redemption....Ooopps i meant Frangezzi...Ooopps wrong again,whatever her name is??? LOL

Anonymous said...

Gee i wonder why he is a FORMER federal agent?? LOL!!