Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tom Morello to the Rescue

Rage Against the Machine guitarist and Harvard University Graduate Tom Morello is joining the good folks in Madison for the anti-governor protests.

We wouldn't expect any less of this socially conscious artist.

"Tom Morello, 46, says he will play for protesters one day after Republican Governor Scott Walker pledged he would not compromise on the ‘union-busting’ bill.

He will perform under his solo identity as The Nightwatchman and claims the proposed budget law is ‘unjust’, calling Mr Walker the ‘Mubarak of the Midwest’

Mr Morello said he will join ‘teachers, students, fire fighters, policemen, Green Bay Packers, nurses, steel workers, construction workers and religious groups that are filling the streets to protest. History is happening in the streets of Madison, Wisconsin, and I'm going to be there. Wherever The Nightwatchman is needed, The Nightwatchman will be.’

Mr Morello called Mr Walker the ‘Mubarak of the Midwest’ in reference to Egypt's leader ousted by protests and said he will ‘rob American workers of their fundamental rights

Mr Morello's decision comes after a Facebook campaign by fans who said they ‘needed his voice’, reported the Huffington Post."

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