Thursday, February 10, 2011

Egypt Update: Mubarak Signs His Own Death Warrant

"You can kill the revolutionary but you can't kill the revolution"
Fred Hampton

Hosni Mubarak just gave his third speech during the revolution and once again did not step down from power. He has basically inflamed the situation even more and now, we feel, that the people are through asking him to leave and will now be happy to drag his bloody corpse through the streets of Cairo.

This will not turn out well for Mubarak. All he had to do was abdicate power, go on vacation for a couple of weeks and then retire to a palace on the Red Sea. Now, the people will want him dead. He just doesn't get it or rather he does, but refuses to accept it.

He just wants everyone to shut up and get back to work. But the will of the people is strong. Much stronger than anyone could've imagined and having Mubarak speak to them like they are children is just making things so much worse.

This guy has just signed his own death warrant. We expect to see his palace burned down shortly, the state TV dismantled brick by brick and his corpse dragged through the streets. The people haven't just spoken, they are speaking and speaking and speaking. THE PEOPLE ARE NOT THROUGH SPEAKING.

Mubarak can continue to blame this revolution on foreign influences and try to deflect the people's anger to other countries, but this is all his fault.

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