Wednesday, February 23, 2011

LIBYA: Warships Defy Gadhafi - UPDATED

Which one of these two sings Black Magic Woman?

Mommar "I'm a flamboyant psycho" Gadhafi has brought in hired African mercenaries to take up arms against his own people as his own Libyan army continues to defect from right out under his nose.

Another great sign, is that TWO Libyan warships refused to train their guns on the coast and target civilians. Also, his top officials have turned against him as well and literally quit and walked out of their offices.

However, things are still horrible as pro-government forces continue to fire at will on any civilian in the street and people are hiding out for their lives. They are estimating that over 1,000 people have died already in this conflict.

A defiant, because he's fucking crazy, Gadhafi, took to the TV the other night to issue a long-winded and incoherent statement to the people. He accuses the protesters of being "on drugs" (hey, they didn't get into Paris Hilton's absinthe cake did they) and of course, blames the US and other countries for foreign interference. What an asshole.

UPDATE: A Libyan fighter jet has deliberately crashed after pilots refused to bomb the city of Benghazi. The pilots ejected before the crash. WTG, guys! Also, "The eastern port of Tobruk has declared itself free while Libyan soldiers were quoted as saying they were no longer loyal to the dictator and that the east was out of his control."

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Anonymous said...

I think the one on the left practices black magic?? Evil looking bastard isn't he?

Mikki said...

Poor Carlos! I still say Gadhafi had botox injections.