Sunday, February 13, 2011

The World's Cutest Possum

Meet Heidi the world's cutest and only cross-eyed possum. She is sooooo cute!

She will be making her world television debut Feb.27 on the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

"Heidi, Germany's beloved cross-eyed opossum, is taking a page from Paul the Octopus' playbook. The marsupial will attempt to pick this year's Oscar winners. Leipzig Zoo Director Joerg Junghold told Germany's RTL television on Friday that Heidi will be appearing on the "Jimmy Kimmel Show" alongside the Oscars on Feb. 27. He says Heidi will be filmed in Germany over the next few days for the U.S. show. Junghold says Heidi's appearance fee will be donated to an animal protection charity."


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