Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Australia's Katrina Coming Right Up...

Thousands of panicked Australians have been turned away from shelters the last 2 days, with authorities stating "it's too late to evacuate now." Cyclone (hurricane) Yasi is a monster that is bigger than Katrina was. It will hit the already devastated area of Queensland.

Officials have said that the winds from this storm will reach 186 MPH. That is simply unbearable and will kill anything in its path. Authorities elsewhere in Australia are readying body bags and have simply stated "We expect to be picking up bodies".

This is tragic beyond belief.

The storm front is 300 miles across and its eye is over 20 miles wide. "Prime Minister Julia Gillard, in a sombre national television address, warned: 'This is a cyclone of savagery and intensity."

"The cyclone bearing down on Australia and threatening to bring another wave of devastation to the country is so enormous that it would almost cover the United States. Extraordinary images produced by to show the scale of Tropical Cyclone Yasi reveal how it would put entire continents at risk. "

With the colossal ice/snow storm hitting North America, when will people wake up to the fact that we are living through climate change on an unprecedented level? This is real, y'all. We don't need 2012ers to be in all of our faces about this. Earth is going through a climactic upheaval. Storms are no longer just average, they are all monstrous.

Donate NOW to the International Red Cross and specify Australian relief. They need it so badly.

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Anonymous said...

All we can do is donate and or pray for these poor people!! You know it's really bad when bodybags are called for before the hurricane even hits!! Mother Nature sure as hell is not happy right now??