Thursday, February 24, 2011

And in the Two Faced News Department

Iranian Dictator dick President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who has continuously slaughtered his own people for any and all anti-government protests has come out and given a statement that shows what a two-faced son of a bitch he is.

Ahmadinejad "strongly recommended such leaders to let their peoples express their opinions... He further urged those leaders of regional countries who respond to the demands of their nations and their revolutionary uprisings with hot bullets to join their peoples' movements instead of creating blood baths."

He kills his own people and then blasts others for doing the same thing! Can you believe this guy?

Okay. Reading between the lines here, we can see that although this is a two-faced out right lie and that his people are lying dead all over the streets of Tehran, what Mahmoud really wants is to stay in power. He will do or say anything to retain the Presidency of Iran even it means "selling out" other Middle East leaders.

This guy is no fool. He is one of the only Middle Eastern dictators leaders to come repeatedly to New York City and address the United Nations personally. This guy wants to join the party so to speak. As long as the party is a fundamentalist Islamic one where they get to kill Jews and destroy Israel.


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Anonymous said...

Ahh he is a Big Fool!! If he thinks the people forget what he did and was going to do to them.....nope!! Kinda like Michael Vick he only quit because he got CAUGHT!! Don't change on the peoples account douchebag!!!