Monday, February 7, 2011

Greenbay Packers Take Lombardi Trophy

It was a great 45th Superbowl as Greenbay battled it out with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Greenbay held a great first half advantage, faltered in the 3rd half and then took it out to win 31-25. Congrats to the Packers and their cheese-headed fans.

The big news is what a dumbass Christina Aguilera is. She messed up the lyrics to The National Anthem. She forgot some lyrics and sung the same line twice. Listen, we understand it's nerve racking to perform for 30 million people live, however, IT'S HER JOB, THE SONG IS 30 SECONDS LONG and SHE'S A DRUNK. Hello? It was the ONLY THING SHE HAD TO DO! Sing a 30 second song with lyrics we've all sung since first grade. What a fucking dope. She's apologizing and making up excuses today saying she "lost her way" through the song... It's called TOO MUCH TO DRINK.

The Black-Eyed Peas half time debacle. Everyone is upset that they totally sucked. Our only complaint was when they brought out Slash to play a Guns N Roses song to be sung by Fergie. It was a "what the fuck" moment and one of the most asinine thing we've ever witnessed. Then they dropped Usher in by a rope and had Will i. Am sing his song for him. We are still wondering what the hell happened. If the halftime show had JUST been the Peas singing their songs, it would've been so much better. Who wants to hear stupid Guns N Roses? Although we must say, Slash has looked exactly the same for the last 25 years.

Okay...on to the commercials. Our faves were 1) Doritos brings everything back to life, 2) The Bud Light musketeers product placement spoof, 3) The truck is Lassie and makes Dad rescue Timmy every 2 seconds and 4) The Kenny G themed prison break out for rich people.

Which ones did you like?

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