Monday, February 14, 2011

Nibiru Discovered?

Those of you into ancient Sumerian cosmology will recognize the name of the tenth planet in our Solar System which has been so far undiscovered.

Has Nibiru (NIGH-BER-OOH) been discovered? A "new" planet called Tyche has been found and is said to be included in our solar system. It is roughly four times larger than Jupiter, currently the largest planet in the solar system. It's orbit is so far reaching that it is located much farther from The Sun than any other planet in our system. Is this Nibiru?

Nibiru is home to the race of beings called Annunaki, the ones "Who from heaven came to Earth" and the beings that created The Adam (Earthling) from cross breeding themselves with primitive Neanderthal man.

It's all a matter of faith whether or not you can believe that or not. The facts remain though that the Sumerian stories of creation mirror the Bible and yet are thousands of years older and that the Sumerian drawings of our Solar System are accurate to the tiniest detail. Not bad for a people that lived 6,000 years ago.

The Sumerian texts say that Nibiru's orbit was 3,500 years long, which accounted for the apparent immortality of the gods. Every birthday you celebrate is actually not so much a year but an orbit around the sun. Imagine beings that lived as if one year equaled 3,500 of ours! It's almost incomprehensible to us and they would indeed appear to be immortal. Meaning that if the average Annunaki lived to be 80 years old on Nibiru, that would be 280,000 Earth years! It's mind boggling - but so is the whole space time continuum thing...It's also very possible.


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