Friday, February 4, 2011

Another 10 Reasons Why Afghanistan is So Screwed Up

Oh Afghanistan, you are so fucked up, let thee count the ways;

1) Bozkashi. Your main sport, Bozkashi is mega animal abuse times ten. This is a game where men on horseback carry around a headless goat and fight over it. Kind of like polo, except the ball is an abused dead animal, the horses are abused live animals and the men are disgusting uneducated animals.

2) Opium. Your entire country feeds opium to children to "shut them up." Entire families are opium addicts. Apparently your "prophet" had nothing to say about opium addiction. Read this to fully understand the abuse that children and even newborn babies go through in this piece of shit country: NEWS ARTICLE

3) Stonings. Your "prophet" commands you to bury women up to their breasts and have stones thrown at their face and head until they die. Another reason why your country is a god-cursed pile of shit.

4) Honor killings. Thousands of women a year are slaughtered in horrific ways by their fathers, brothers and uncles, to protect the mens honor. Just taking off your Burka, a living burial shroud, is justification to be killed. Because a man that kills a woman is of course worthy of all the honor the "prophet" has to give. There is no irony in Afghanistan.

5) Child brides. Hundreds of girls a year, under the age of 13, are kidnapped and forced in marriage, sexual slavery and then discarded and killed for being whores. This country is a winner any way you look at it!

6) The Taliban. Here is a truly heinous religious organization. They hate women so much that they can barely tolerate having sex with them and prefer to fuck goats. They treat everyone like scum because their "prophet" told them to. They are intolerant of education. They don't smoke, drink or have real sports. Why do you think they are so uptight? They have no outlet whatsoever for anything except to create chaos and war over nothing. They are beyond uneducated. They see no beauty in anything. They are the worst kind of scum humanity has ever had to endure. Even the barbarian vikings appreciated beauty in some shape or form. The Taliban should be blown back to the slime pit from where they formed and crawled out of.

7, 8, 9 and 10) Abuse of Women, Children, Animals and themselves. Afghanistan as a whole is an appalling, despicable, loathsome, disgrace of a country.

The suicide rate among Afghani women is at an all time high. They are simply too frightened of the men to rise up and kill them at night all at once, so slowly they are just killing themselves off in droves. It is extremely heartbreaking. We were going to embed some pictures into this article but the images are too much to handle. We suggest you Google "Afghanistan women." You'll be shocked out of your seat, unless you are Dr. Mengele himself.

We used to tolerate anything other than intolerance and animal abuse. But honestly, Afghanistan is the sickest country in the world and makes China look normal. The United States should withdrawal immediately from this heinous 10 year "war" we've been in with these people and leave them to wallow in their own filth. Or just nuke the place and let God sort them out. They will never, ever be able to co-mingle with a civilized world, so fuck it.

Ok, our first instinct is to say that. But you know, the women, children and animals of Afghanistan need to be RESCUED and helped. RIGHT NOW. What is happening there every day is reprehensible. Isn't this why the United State is at war with Afghanistan? To bring them democracy? No. We are only there to stop the Taliban from training Al Queda.

Jeez oh man, what a fuck fest!

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