Wednesday, February 16, 2011

SURVIVOR: Redemption Island Tonight

Be sure to tune in to another season of SURVIVOR tonight on CBS 8pm EST...

Boston Rob, Russell Hantz + 16 other new contestants will vie for the million dollar prize.

The twist: When a Survivor gets voted off, they go to Redemption Island and await the next voted off castaway. Then the two will compete to stay in the game and on Redemption Island. Last castaway still standing on Redemption Island will be let back into the game to try again for the million.

Also in returning reality TV: Amazing Race will be back this Sunday night on CBS at 8pm EST and on March 6th a new Celebrity Apprentice. This one looks to be VERY good. The promos are off the hook. No one usually messes with Gary Busey but they are showing commercials with Meatloaf just screaming his head off at him. Can't wait!

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Anonymous said...

What would be cool and funny is if Rob and Russell were the first 2 voted off and had to go head-to-head on redemption island!! Now that would be interesting? LOL. I still would love to see Jeff Probst be a contestant for just 1 time!!