Tuesday, February 1, 2011

And in Survivor News: Russell and Richie in Trouble

Federal authorities are giving the green light to prosecutors to throw Richard Hatch back in jail...again. This time for violating parole, meaning he still hasn't paid his taxes due. Hatch says he hasn't paid this time because he is awaiting appeals decisions.

And the Survivor everyone loves to hate, Russell Hantz is in deep shit for leaking the outcomes to both seasons he was on. Survivorsucks.com had previously published the correct elimination order for both seasons and was sued by CBS and Mark Burnett for the spoilers. Well, the man who runs the site has given CBS the emails that proves Russell was his source. CBS has dropped the lawsuit against the website and is now going to sue Russell for breach of contract, which means he will owe CBS in excess of 5 million dollars.

WOW! Russell was the first Survivor to do a bunch of things, but his hatred of Mark Burnett is deeper than we thought. He is the first Survivor in history to not take the 95 page contract seriously and the first to actually give away spoilers to the media. He is in trouble for sure.

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