Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake

Last week at Paris Hilton's 30th birthday party, a drunken guy named Paz somehow got past security, crashed the party, drank Paris's liquor and then STOLE HER $2,000 BIRTHDAY CAKE. He literally just picked it up and when no one was watching, just waltzed out of the building with it.

We thought this story was hilarious because Paris Hilton is a self-indulgent scumbag that deserves to have her cake stolen.

The news this morning is that the stolen cake has shown up! And you'll never guess where...

A LOS ANGELES HOMELESS SHELTER where is was "eaten down to the last crumb."

"[It] was carved into 125 delicious slices and served to the homeless of downtown Los Angeles on white paper plates."

This guy Paz put the entire thing on Facebook. He even posted pics of the homeless dudes lined up for a piece.

This means he'll probably face felony theft charges..but man was that worth it!

Oh, and the cake...not only did it cost more than your monthly mortgage payment, it was a custom made absinthe laced cake. Just an extra hallucinatory bonus for the LA homeless!

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Anonymous said...

Well that whole story JUST puts the icing on the cake!!LOL