Friday, February 18, 2011

Whale Wars Update


With the unbelievably awesome news that the Japanese whaling fleet has turned back and OFFICIALLY ended their killing season, what next for Whale Wars?

Well, for one, Paul Watson, Captain of the Sea Shepard fleet has repeatedly said that he is the only reality show star trying to put himself out of business. He'd like nothing more than to know that the whales are safe.

However, like any executive in the world, Animal Planet execs are turning their eyes to the new Sea Sheperd conservation effort...dolphins.

Thanks in part to stars like Hayden Panitierre and the movie The Cove, people around the world were horrified to see the wholesale slaughter of dolphins by the Japanese people. The Japanese have no shame.

The Sea Shepherds are not backing off the whale fleet yet, they are still hot on their tail all the way back to Toyoko, just in case this is an elaborate ruse by the Japanese. Seriously. It wouldn't be beyond them to officially cancel the season, turn around, wait for the Shepherds to leave and then come back for the kill. So the Shepherds are keeping The Bob Barker hot on the trail.

Still, The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has recently turned its attention to dolphin hunting in Taiji, Japan. They will be raising public awareness, starting a new campaign and getting the ball rolling in stopping the destruction of the dolphins.

The Sea Shepherds are TRUE HEROES. They risk their lives protecting living things and the idea of something bigger than themselves. Anyone who has been on a sightseeing trip for whales and has seen their majestic beauty knows that there is something wonderful, mystical about these creatures. The same with dolphins. Many a day we've spent at the Jersey Shore (Hey Sitch!) and seen the dolphins swimming the shoreline, gracefully leaping in and out of the water. They are magical. And certainly worth fighting and dying for.

In the meantime, Japan has called on Australia, New Zealand and the Netherlands to take "effective measures" against the anti-whaling group, Sea Shepherd. These guys actually want the world to take pity on THEM and are asking that the Sea Shepherds be labeled as terrorists.

The good news is that Australia is taking legal action in the International Court of Justice against Tokyo over whaling.

We all play a part in what happens in our small world. The Southern Ocean may be 12 thousand miles away, but it's really our backyard.

Donate to the Sea Shepherds and make a difference!

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