Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Iran: It's Happening

Mahmoud "I'm really a nice guy. Really.
I'll just kill you if you oppose me" Ahmadinejad

Hundreds of thousands of government protesters hit the streets of Tehran today with a seemingly equal number of military driving them back.

For this revolution to work in Iran as it did in Egypt it needs to involve EVERYONE of EVERY AGE and DEMOGRAPHIC. It cannot just be another student uprising. The people need to drive back the military. Egypt did not allow its military to fire on the people and the Iranian people do not have this. They will literally need to fight tooth and nail against guns, bombs, teargas and tanks.

There will be blood.

Let us hope and pray that the people do not give up. Many will die as they have in the past but they need to forcefully take back what is theirs. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his political party of bullies, the Alliance of Builders of Islamic Iran, need to be taken down.

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